Martin O Medium Bag



Product Details

The martin O medium bag is simple and elegant, a little color here and there but always very chic, besides who doesn't love color blocking right? Our smaller version of the classic Martin O Bag for all girls out there who don't need to carry a lot around to stay perfect. featuring a light Tan background with strap and a classic tassel cord with just right hint of color. 

-Your bag helps to support the women of the Wayuu tribe. Chila bags has made a deep commitment to the Wayuu women as a fair trade brand. Your purchase will help support these women's skills and livelihood while keeping their beautiful artistry alive.

-Your bag is hand woven and one-of-a-kind. Every bag found on our website is handmade and original. We diligently strive to continue our premium philosophy of quality over quantity. We will always ensure that our products are made with love, care, and patience.

Giving back has never looked so CHIC!

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