Hello there!!

First at all, we just want to say thank you for being here! We are very happy to start building a new Chila Community and can't wait to get to know more about our costumers and what you guys like.

We can't lie; we have been very nervous about our opening, but more than anything we are very excited to offer you these beautiful bags, so you can fall in love with them as much as we have! This has been a very exciting journey and now we want you to be part of it; the Chila Bags website comes with lots of passion for our product.

These bags are so unique and all of them have such a beautiful story behind them. We look at them as pieces of art from the heart of the women who make them, and this, girls, is going to be our principal goal; to make you relate with the story of each bag and the amazing traditions from the Wayuu tribe women who hand make them. We are very confident that each of you are going to wear these beauties in the best possible way, and that they will become your favorite bag.


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Chila Bags team.




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