Let the fun begin!

This week is a big one over here at the Chila Bags showroom! The last couple of days, the place has gotten filled with more and more colors. So exciting! We are getting the new arrivals and can't just get enough of the beautiful bags coming in. This time the colors are brighter and bags look funkier than ever - we all know spring is soon to be here so let the fun begin!

We are also getting ready to introduce the Chila Bags Luxury edition! These bags are absolutely amazing pieces of work, and they are not easy to find because just a small part of the Wayuu women know how to make them. The patterns are wonderful, they take up to 45 days to weave and of course they are also one-of-a-kind. As you can see there is a lot of things going on with Chila Bags and there is much more to come so stay tuned!


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