Dear Customers,

We know we’re not the only ones feeling the weight of these troubling times.  We are all confused, worried and sad for all the things happening in the world. But we also know that we can overcome this situation together with solidarity and love. We know our community and hope we can all together face these difficult times and hope for a better future for all of us.

As you know, we are a fair trade brand. We are working directly with artisans that make our bags and with a team of women that put all their heart and determination in taking Chila Bags and this art around the globe.

These artisans and women depend 100% from our work and we want to continue supporting them in their daily life with work and fair wages, but we need to keep generating sales to be able to do it and here is where we need our community to stand with us. 

We know this is not a great time to go on a sale and pretend like nothing is happening, but we also know we need to keep our brand moving in order to make it. 


Thank you in advance for your support! 

We are humans in this together 💛

With Love,

Chila Bags Team 

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