La Barra C Petite

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Practical, striking, and unique, our Barra Petite Bags are made to add a little fun to the everyday purse. La Barra C Petite has a solid Ivory background featuring a single short breaded strap, and a double pompon pull cord. Pair it with a white long dress for a more sophisticated look at night at the streets of Cartagena.

This bag helps to support the women of the Wayuu tribe. Chila Bags has made a deep commitment to the Wayuu women as a fair trade brand. Your purchase will help support these women's skills and livelihood while keeping their beautiful artistry alive.

This bag is hand woven and one-of-a-kind. Every bag found on our website is handmade and original. We diligently strive to continue our premium philosophy of quality over quantity. We will always ensure that our products are made with love, care, and patience.

Giving back has never looked so chic! 


Width: 20cm

Height: 15cm

Strap's drop: 18cm


Material: cotton-like thread

Care instructions: You can wash it in gentle cycle.

This bag is hand made using weaving techniques. sizes, patterns, shading and details may vary.

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